The following photo-montages form part of an exhibition entitled (Dis)place. The main theme of my art focuses on an exploration of the extremely complex expression, representation and communication of personal trauma. Reference material sourced from abandoned buildings are cautiously collected and intertwined in series of complex photo-montages. The images are strategically ‘displaced’ in order to create a visual labyrinth.

The artistic expression of trauma demands self-reflection. The impulsive repetition of the post-traumatic emotions through creative and imaginative expression becomes a counteractive ‘ritualisation’. This ritualisation is driven by an obsessive need for resolution and meaning. The creative and imaginative manifestation of this ritualisation, i.e., the work of art, is a potential environment in which new symbolic structures can be constructed by means of metaphorical connotations in order to make the unspeakable communicable.

In order to work through the incomprehensibility of trauma and eradicate the poignant presence of trauma, an awareness of the symptomatic ‘acting out’ is necessary. The main objective is to create an immersive psychological space with the aim to evoke critical thought and inter-subjective dialogue between artists working through trauma and a participating audience – which plays an integral role in the complex process of working through the impenetrable labyrinthine of traumatic memories.

Reveal small

Reveal / 2012 / Digital photomontage on fabriano / 87 x 112.5 cm

Divergent Dissonance small

Divergent dissonance / 2012 / Digital photomontage  /  120 x 73 x 100 cm

Dispens(ive) small

Dispens(ive) / 2013 / Digital photomontage on fabriano / 115.5 x 80 cm

Dislocate small

(Dis)locate / 2012 / Digital photomontage on fabriano / 115 x 80 cm

Dis(en)close small

Dis(en)close / 2012 / Digital photomontage on fabriano / 83 x 150 cm

Dis(chordant) entanglement klein

Dis(chordant) entanglement / 2012 / Digital photomontage on fabriano / 87 x 112.5 cm

A(void) small

A(void) / 2014 / Digital photomontage on fabriano / 125.7 x 80 cm

On the threshold small

On the threshold / 2014 / Digital photomontage on fabriano / 87 x 112.5 cm

With-in-side small

With-in-side / 2012 / Digital photomontage on fabriano / 87 x 112.5 cm

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