The exhibition (Dis)place focuses on an exploration of the extremely complex expression, representation, and communication of personal trauma. Throughout these artworks, I interrogate complex family dynamics such as marital divorce and parental psychosis. Focusing on emotional deprivation, I investigate critical parent-child relationships and the transference of trauma within a family environment.

Reference material sourced from images and sounds suggestive of a family environment (e.g. family photographs, images of homes, objects, recorded music and field recordings), are cautiously collected and intertwined. The combination of these images and sounds are strategically ‘displaced’ in order to create uncanny and ambiguous connotations.

The main objective is to create an immersive psychological space with the aim to evoke critical thought and inter-subjective dialogue between the artist dealing with trauma and a participating viewer – which plays an integral role in the complex process of working through the impenetrable labyrinthine of traumatic memories.