Seven Melodies is an audio-visual performance that involves seven piano compositions accompanied with seven videos. The piano works are composed of seven different key signatures. Each key signature represents a specific colour. The visuals depict seven different elements in nature; each representing a specific emotional state. Every melody is a point of convergence where a specific key signature, colour, an image and an emotion connect.  Seven Melodies involves an exchange between nature, music, colour and emotions.

The melody titled Trees is written in B flat major and resonates the colour brown. The piano work represents the image of tall trees peacefully swaying in the wind. The emotional state expressed throughout the work is nostalgia.

The melody titled Rain is written in d minor and resonates the colour blue-grey. The piano work a brief and sudden rainfall. This work expresses a catharsis or an emotional release.

The melody titled Flowers is written in F major and resonates the colour purple. The piano work represents a joyful dance between butterflies and flowers. This work expresses joy.

The melody titled Mountains is written in a minor and resonates the colour red. The piano work represents a landscape of mountain ranges and tunnels. The emotional state expressed throughout this work is anticipation.

The melody titled Late Afternoon is written in C major and resonates the colour pink-orange. The piano work represents a mellow late afternoon sun hovering on the horizon. Sentiment is expressed throughout this work.

The melody titled Autumn is written in e minor and resonates the colour amber. The piano work represents leafs restlessly scattering in the wind. This work expresses a state of transition.

The melody titled After the Rain is written in G major and resonates the colour green. The piano work represents images of water pools after stormy weather. This work expresses the feeling of relief after an internal struggle.