Artist-musician: Collecting images for piano compositions.

  A playful exhibition at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum made me contemplate my process as an artist-musician. The exhibition titled “Collections and so on” is an interactive installation which invites viewers to participate and contribute to the outcome of the exhibition. Viewers can interact with the exhibition through assembling a number of personal belongings on an allocated […]

Mandalas (Part II: My journey with mandalas)

Part II: My journey with mandalas I discovered mandalas while doing research on art therapy and ideas for art workshops. In preparation for a mandala workshop, I challenged myself to do a mandala every day for a month. It gave me the opportunity to practice drawing mandalas as well as trying to understand the nature […]

Mandalas (Part I: Balancing opposites through mandalas)

Part I: Balancing opposites through mandalas Opposites and the in-between intrigues me. An excellent means to explore the relationship between opposites are mandalas. An obsessive interest in art and music as therapy directed me into the magical world of mandalas.  I want to share with you a psychological view on mandalas and how the making […]

Why I am not an artist anymore.

A few months ago I gave up on the notion of being an artist (or musician).  The reason why I want to share my decision of letting go of the label “artist” is to open a discussion on what it means to be an artist. Maybe you have had similar experiences and I invite you […]